We are living in stressful times, our minds racing as to what will happen in the future and about our loved ones.  Some of us are finding it difficult to sleep at night and are anxious during the day.  How can we help ourselves in these abnormal times?

One tool experts recommend is making a to do list of things that flit across your mind and crossing things off to feel a sense of accomplishment – and yes I have been known to write things down I have completed so I get the pleasure of crossing it off.  This takes it out of your mind and can reduce the stress of it all.

High on a number of people’s list at this current time is making their first or a new will.  Clients that normally circle around the issue like a bee around a flower* before settling down to put their last wishes in writing, deciding how they want to protect their loved ones when they can no longer be there, are highly focused on making their will. 

As lock down drags on clients are realising who is important to them, who is phoning them or shopping for them, which charities they are most drawn to.  Are you like Captain Tom Moore a supporter of NHS Charities -who as of writing has raised almost £22 million (including Gift Aid)?  Yes, I have donated to him – he is fitter than I am!

I and my team at Phillips Lewis Smith can help you make your will to leave your assets where you want with the least distress to your family and friends as possible when dealing with your affairs and ensure it is done, if you wish, in a tax efficient way.  For example, if you leave 10% of your estate above you IHT allowances to charity the tax rate drops to 36% from 40%.  Your estate benefits and your chosen charities benefit. 

For other techniques for reducing stress I highly recommend Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s new book feel better in 5 – particularly the breathing techniques.  Until Amazon can deliver your copy, please contact me (by Skype, Facetime, Zoom, telephone, carrier pigeon) to discuss how we can cross one thing off your list and make the will you want. 

*The writer is a beekeeper and her bees are active in the sunny weather, hence the analogy