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Over many years we have had and continue to have mandates to advise and assist with regard to particularly challenging business and personal financial situations and whether relating to restructuring financially distressed businesses, or navigating (particularly cross border) corporate and/or individual insolvency. Some of these situations have been of enormous value and much publicised. Rather than performing routine administrative procedures, our focus is on original and robust legal skills since long experience are paramount in achieving the best possible outcomes which are most stable and enduring despite often highly contentious circumstances. This we are able to do without the subtle and sometimes hidden conflicts of interest that can be an issue for some advisers.

These skills extend to resolving/challenging regulatory and disciplinary situations for individuals and particularly relating to financial services. Similarly with regard to official proceedings against directors.

As highly bespoke services, please speak in the first instance with either Martin Lewis or Jacques Smith to assess your situation and how we might be able to help.  

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